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MTR IT Carnival

Smart Mobility Solution

17 March 2023

ETA & PCS Solution

High-accuracy ETA service for MTR bus

  • Use existing GPS signal

  • Increase ETA signal accuracy

  • Provide more user-friendly UI

  • Cost-effective

Station & train compartment PCS

  • Empower AI for passenger detection

  • Real-time data for passengers & management

  • PCS user web app for passengers

  • Real-time data on management dashboard & station screens

ParkIsland UI_edited.jpg
kendall-henderson-3kooRil4Z1E-unsplash (1).jpg

Signature Case Reference

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) system for 
Public Green Minibus in Hong Kong

Green minibus
GMB routes
GMB operators
Daily passengers

Smart Retail AI

Copy of edge.png
  • People counting, detection, profiling

  • Crowd management

NPU Edge-base AI 

  • cost-effective

  • Lower 80% of the cost

  • AI Model Accuracy: > 95%

  • Mature People Counting Deep Learning Model

  • Support multiple AI models 

  • Wide application scenarios  

AI App 

  • Make use of the mobile device for real time people detection


  • Customized AI model development

  • Enables real-time object and people detection

  • Provides real-time alerts, data reporting and analysis

  • Customizable service, suitable for different types of business

  • More AI potential for other applications 

Vehicle Marshaling 

  • For transport & logistics vehicle 

  • Vehicle coordination

  • Queuing system development for vehicle

  • Adopt geo-fencing technology for vehicle check-in

Provision of total solution

  • hardware devices

  • software app

  • management dashboard)

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Thursday, 16 Mar 2023 17_18_47.PNG
Thursday, 16 Mar 2023 17_19_08.PNG


  • For MTR bus

  • Utilise MTR point for free MTR bus ticket

  • Provide QR code for passengers as ticket  

EasyTransit App
Mobility-on-demand & vehicle booking

  • White-labeled platform

  • Platform for MTR bus pooling, booking & payment

  • Platform for car booking for internal staff

EasyTransit Product Photo.png
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