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Smart Mobility AIoT Solution
Transport AI | Traffic AI | Transit AI

Using technology to connect the heartbeat of city

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Bring Cities Closer to  Smart Mobility

SOCIF provides AIoT solutions for various industries, dedicated to improving the user travel experience, optimizes business data collection and analysis, and reduces operating costs.

smart mobility


SOCIF provides tailor-made smart mobility solutions for various industries.

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Transport Infrastructure & Traffic Advisors
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Property Management
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Retail and Dining

Drive Traffic Network with Technology

SOCIF uses technology to drive the urban traffic network, promotes the development of smart transportation and smart city in Hong Kong with actions, brings smart travel experience to Hong Kong people, and leads Hong Kong on the road to a smart city.

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Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

Improving passenger experience and enhancing transport competitiveness

Provide a real-time arrival forecasting system to improve overall operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction

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Smart Mobility Project

SOCIF always participates in different large-scale smart mobility projects from the government and different enterprises

In 2021, SOCIF partnered with HKT and Octopus Card Limited, assisting Hong Kong Transport Department,  to conduct a real-time arrival forecasting service for green minibusses in Hong Kong.  

Comprehensively enhancing the smart transportation of Hong Kong's green minibusses and the travelling experience of passengers
About us
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Aims to apply technology to the transportation network and promote the development of intelligent transportation in Hong Kong with actions.
SOCIF is a Hong Kong start-up company, dedicated to providing passenger information systems (PIS), AI image analysis, and other smart travel IoT solutions for industries, including passenger transport, logistics and property management.
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