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Let your customers check the arrival time of their orders
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Real-time Order Tracking Service

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Providing real-time order tracking service for local small and medium-sized Shopify stores in Hong Kong.

✓ Available as long as you have your own fleet 


/ per order

✓ SMS fee included

✓ No monthly fee

✓ Unlimited number of orders

✓ Unlimited total value of order

Try it now and get the first 20 orders for free

Let customers know when their orders will arrive

PickupBird provides merchant customers with detailed order information, including real-time fleet location and estimated delivery time, through a customer program.


Allow online stores to easily arrange order delivery

By integrating with Shopify system, merchants can directly schedule orders on PickupBird platform, and customers can receive SMS messages to know the delivery date in real-time.

Save customer service costs for online stores

Save manpower and time required for customer service as you do not need to answer customer's order inquiry calls.


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