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Freight logistics

Logistics vehicle

Create an intelligent logistics experience for you and your customers


SOCIF provides you with a customized and cost-effective logistics fleet management system that supports a wide range of onboard sensors and provides your customers with information on the estimated time of arrival and improved customer service.


Solution features:

  • Estimated time of arrival for freight companies to enhance consignee experience

  • Supports customization and other in-vehicle sensor accessory needs

  • Monthly fee model

Suitable for:

  • Logistics providers who need to build a customized freight fleet management system

  • Logisticians with other in-vehicle sensor needs, such as temperature, panic button​

  • Logistics providers who are not satisfied with the "canned" fleet management systems available in the market

SOCIF has become a logistics company

Case reference

Provide customized fleet management system and on-board sensors .

Total 80+

fleet of trucks


Online store logistics

Allow customers to check the delivery progress by themselves,
Significantly reduce the number of customer inquiries

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Nowadays, online shopping is very popular, and online stores are springing up. However, most of the online stores are under huge customer service pressure and need to answer hundreds of phone calls every day to respond to customers' enquiries about delivery progress.

SOCIF solve the customer service problem (Hong Kong shopify online stores), through the system integration with Shopify, providing "delivery orders", "driver delivery app", "arrival time forecast" and other services, allowing your customers to check the progress of delivery, estimated time of arrival, real-time delivery location and other information, significantly reducing the customer service workload of online stores.


Solution features:

  • Self-designed delivery team for online stores, providing estimated time of arrival, location and other information to customers

  • Significantly reduce the number of calls regarding the delivery progress of online stores

  • Monthly delivery order quantity to calculate the service charge

Suitable for:

  • Small, medium and small online stores

  • Long-term customer calls and inquiries about delivery progress

  • Stores that want to reduce customer service costs and devote resources to business promotion

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