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Transport Infrastructure and Traffic Advisory

Transport infrastructure

Facilitate real-time data analysis with complementary AI technology

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SOCIF provides supplementary AI video analysis technology for tunnels, parking lots, construction sites, etc. for public and private organizations. With existing/re-installed cameras and customized AI algorithms, SOCIF can identify and analyze specific pedestrian, vehicle, and object flows to facilitate their operational efficiency and meet regulatory requirements.

Program features:

  • Free pilot program available

  • Use existing cameras for AI image analysis

  • Simple integration with the customer's existing system

Applies to:

  • Tunnels, parking lots, construction sites, etc.

  • Government and corporate projects of all types


Traffic advisory

Using AI video analysis technology,
Automated traffic data collection and analysis

Traffic/engineering consultants often need to provide corporate clients or government departments with data on the flow of people, vehicles, and vehicle types on a given road. The general practice in the market is to hire outsourced personnel to conduct the count manually, or to take videos for long time viewing and manual recording. This situation is prone to high error, high cost, difficult to verify, and complicated administrative work.

SOCIF provides a non-real time AI image analysis solution for transportation consultants and engineering companies, which can solve all these problems at low cost and increase the net profit rate of each project by simply submitting the captured video.


Program features:

  • Only need to submit the video for AI analysis

  • No need to hire additional staff to watch and manually record the videos day and night

  • Provide you with AI-processed videos, required data reports

Applies to:

  • Transportation consulting service providers

  • Urban planning studies, traffic planning studies

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