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Resident bus

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Real-time arrival forecast,
Enhance the residents experience

Most public transportation, including buses, green minibuses, and even some residents' buses, are now providing the estimated time of arrival (ETA). It has become a standard in the new era of property management to provide more transparent travel information to residents.


Solution features:

  • Integration with the existing property management app

  • Significantly reduce the enquiry from property management

  • One-stop service for hardware, software and maintenance

  • Monthly fee mode


Suitable for:

  • Fleets that are expanding into the residential bus service market to enhance their competitiveness in bidding       

  • Fleets already operating residential bus services to maintain competitiveness

  • Fleet management company

Case reference

SOCIF has provided estimated time of arrival forecast to numerous non-franchised bus operators and property management companies.


shuttle bus


Resident bus routes


real estate


School bus

More transparent school bus information,
More peace of mind for parents

school bus UI.png

Most public transportation, including green minibuses and residents' buses, provide an estimated time of arrival (ETA) notice. For the convenience of parents and students using school bus services, it has become a standard for the smart campus to provide more transparent travel information to stakeholders.


Solution features:

  • Reduces waiting time for school buses

  • Increase school technology adoption and visibility

  • Integrate smart city technology into school life

  • Support customized functional requirements

Suitable for:

  • Schools and kindergartens which provide school buses

  • Fleet companies which currently provide school bus services

  • Fleet companies that are expanding into the school bus service market to enhance their competitiveness

SOCIF has provided Hong Kong International School bus

Smart School Bus App

Arrival forecast service

School bus management system

Fleet/Content Management

SOCIF has partnered with the largest education platform in Hong Kong to exclusively provide real-time school bus arrival services to local school customers on its platform.

Case reference


Red minibus

To help you reduce your daily workload,
Increase operating income


Most public transports, including green minibuses, offer estimated time of arrival forecasts. Noticing that there is a strong need for the red minibus industry to maintain and enhance its competitiveness through innovative technology.


SOCIF provides the "RideEasy" platform for red minibuses, which is used by more than 100,000 passengers, to take orders and increase revenue. At the same time, SOCIF improves your service experience and operational efficiency by reducing the number of incoming calls through the Estimated Time of Arrival Ale System, Online Seat Reservation System and Fleet Management System.

Solution features:

  • Innovative technology and be the pioneer in the industry

  • Join "Ride Easy" platform to receive orders and increase revenue

  • Hardware, software, maintenance and other one-stop services

  • Monthly fee model

Suitable for:

  • All red minibus fleets

Case reference

SOCIF partners with Hong Kong Telecom and Octopus Hong Kong to provide real-time arrival forecasting system for green minibuses in Hong Kong


Green minibus passengers


Minibus operator




Green minibus



Help you reduce operating costs,
Make fleet management easier

arron-choi-02sZaxeqkIE-unsplash (1).jpg

With more than 18,000 taxis providing point-to-point travel services to the public, and increasing public demand for cab services, as well as challenges from other shared-hailing platforms and competition from taxi-hailing platforms in the traditional market, it is advisable for cab operators to establish their own operating systems, including fleet management, membership systems, and taxi-hailing apps, as early as possible, in order to maintain autonomous control of passenger data and consolidate their existing business models.

Suitable for:

  • All taxi operators and companies



Preferred transportation system provider,
Helping you provide open data


SOCIF offers a flexible monthly fee plan for ferry companies to avoid high one-off system development costs. SOCIF also provides a framework for ferry companies to provide an estimated time of arrival, improve and provide mobile applications and web-based applications to meet government requirements.


Suitable for:

  • All ferry companies



Automated solutions that save manpower and reduce operating costs


According to the government's regulatory requirements and their own operational needs, automated passenger flow statistics are of paramount importance. At present, passenger companies mostly use manpower or fare income to conduct passenger flow counting and estimation. However, the problems of low accuracy and high administrative cost have been troubling passenger transport companies.

SOCIF provides an automated AI image analysis service that uses existing cameras at stations or terminals to obtain more accurate real-time passenger data analysis and output regular passenger reports, significantly reducing the workload of station and terminal management.

Suitable for:

  • Ferry terminal

  • Shuttle bus stations in housing estates and commercial buildings


Green Transportation

Embark on a green logistics journey for your fleet


SOCIF monitors in-vehicle air quality and carbon emissions in real-time through the installation of various in-vehicle sensors to enhance the passenger travel experience and meet the green travel policies of passenger carriers.

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