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Incorporating technology into property management smart travel solution

Property management is now in a new era and with new standards. In the face of increasing expectations of tenants and residents for property management services, property management companies need to enhance user experience and management efficiency in all aspects through the application of technology in order to provide high-quality, high value-added and sustainable property management services to users.

SOCIF can provide you with technology solutions for indoor, outdoor and even shuttle bus applications, which can be quickly and easily deployed and applied.

Solution features:

  • Use of existing indoor and outdoor cameras to provide AI video analysis services

  • Simple integration with existing property management apps/systems

  • Real-time foot traffic information can provide data reference for the building management system (BMS) to improve building air conditioning and improve energy efficiency


Applies to:

  • Shopping malls, stores, clubs, residential buildings, commercial buildings, etc. under property management companies

  • Consulting services for property management companies, engineering companies, etc.

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