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Bus Arrival Forecast System

Improve passenger experience and enhance passenger competitiveness
Product Solutions/

Passenger Counting System (PCS)

Automated foot traffic statistics, real-time view of operational data

How to improve your services?

Through the use of edge computing technology and AI video analysis technology, the footfall statistics system can significantly enhance operational efficiency, data analysis capability, and reduce labour and administrative costs associated with statistical work.

  • Automated footfall statistics to reduce labour and administrative costs

The automated statistical system can record and forecast revenue, saving resources that can be further used in areas such as business promotion or innovation.


  • Self-developed edge computing technology

  • Can be used in combination with an installed camera

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Edge Computing System

SOCIF has developed a compression technology for AI chips, which enables various AI modules to be compressed, thus making it easier for AI chips (e.g. GPUs, NPUs, etc.) to process them and significantly reducing solution cost and hardware lifetime.

NPU Edge Computing Device

Edge computing, high computing power

SOCIF's self-developed NPU compression technology can run 3 - 5 AI models at the same time to quickly complete data analysis and processing, and there is no need to connect to the cloud and upload videos, reducing data storage space and data transmission costs


Low latency and low cost

Direct edge computing and uploading to the server to avoid data delays caused by poor signal reception, NPU edge computing system is nearly 60% to 70% less expensive than GPU-based systems 

Multiple interfaces

The system is equipped with nearly 20 power and data transmission interfaces that can be connected to different sensors

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