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Out-of-store foot traffic analysis, easily grasp the conversion rate

There are a lot of in-store pedestrian flow analysis, hotspot analysis and other AI imaging solutions available in the market. However, information such as conversion rate, gender and age analysis of passers-by are also important, especially for the retail and restaurant industries.

With the relevant data, we can gain insight into the pedestrian flow trend of the area and street, passerby information, the potential business value of the nearby pedestrian flow, the reasonableness of the landlord's rent, and whether the tenant should renew the lease for the store.


Solution features:

  • Use existing store cameras to detect foot traffic outside the store

  • Provides customized data reports to capture important information such as foot traffic conversion rate

  • Easy to deploy, cost effective


Suitable for:

  • All retail, restaurant, and other industries that require out-of-store foot traffic analysis

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