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Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

Improve passenger experience and enhance passenger competitiveness

How to improve your passenger service?

By installing GPS positioning devices for passenger fleets or using the installed GPS signals, SOCIF provides passenger fleet companies and their passengers with real-time station forecasting services on the web or mobile app, so that passengers can wait and ride happily. In addition to enhancing the passenger travel experience, it can also help operators monitor the service performance of their fleets.

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Has thousands of real-time vehicle data

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Has a self-established Hong Kong traffic road network

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Has rich experience in arrival forecasting projects, serving many residential bus lines, industrial and commercial building bus lines, red and green minibus lines, etc.

Real-time arrival time of the next three trains
Map showing route, real-time vehicle location and traffic congestion
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Display specified prompts and content management
Shift schedules are automatically updated
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Free experience of "Real-time arrival forecast service"

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Park Island

Real-time arrival forecast web application


  • Significantly reduce passenger inquiries

  • Meet passenger service expectations

  • Automated fleet performance monitoring

  • Easier to gain corporate clients' confidence

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Case Reference

SOCIF assists the government and institutions in implementing territory-wide smart mobility projects

SOCIF partners with HKT and Octopus Hong Kong to provide real-time arrival forecasting system for green minibuses in Hong Kong

Enhancing the smart travel experience of Hong Kong’s green minibuses
green minibus
minibus operator
Green minibus passengers
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