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Vehicle reservation x  ETA

EasyTransit is an app that combines vehicle reservation, real-time traffic information, and passenger forum, with features, such as  event vehicle booking service, route creation, real-time arrival forecast (ETA), route information and real-time traffic news, to provide passengers with the best travel experience.

Our app covers all transport routes in Hong Kong, including KMB, NWFB, Citybus, GMB (green minibus), MTR, Light Rail (LRT), Lantau Bus (LLB), MTR bus, tram, ferry and peak tram.

Select a nearby route or search for a specific route to check the estimated time of arrival of the coming three trains (depending on transportation mode), to avoid indefinite waiting.

Estimated time of arrival
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Introduction Video

New feature: Routemaker

The first crowdfunding scheme for transportation routes in Hong Kong

New point-to-point travel mode with multiple riders

Taking the public's perspective towards public transportation, we are providing them with the routes they really need, offering them a more convenient travel experience. By collecting the public's travel needs and creating new routes, we will make it painless for passengers to experience a quality point-to-point shuttle service once we have enough people.

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