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AI Video Analytics 

Integrating technology into management 

How can AI video analytics  help you?

SOCIF's AI video analytics service detects, collects and analyzes real-time data by using existing indoor and outdoor cameras. The technology can be applied in a number of smart mobility scenarios.

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Pedestrian, vehicle and vehicle-type detection

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Designated object detection

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Gender and age detection

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Support 5G, cloud computing, edge computing


  • Utilize existing cameras for specific AI video analytics

  • Provide AI algorithm services that flexibly fit your business needs​

  • Provide customized data analysis reports

Application scenarios


Pedestrian Flow Statistics

Commercial Building Lobby

Pedestrian Flow Statistics


Pedestrian Flow Statistics

Clubhouse Facilities

Pedestrian Flow Statistics

Shopping Malls and Shops

Pedestrian Flow Statistics

Housing Estate Station

Pedestrain Flow Statistics

Queue Detection

Pedestrian Flow Statistics

Out-of-store Pedestrian Flow Analysis

Pedestrian Flow Analysis

Customer Gender and Age Identification


Traffic Type Detection Statistics

Traffic Statistics

Outdoor Vehicle Parking Violation Detection

Vehicle Detection


Vehicle Dectection

Tunnels, Construction Sites, etc.

Auxiliary AI Video Analysis

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"AI Video Analytics Service" / "Non-real-time AI Video Analytics Service"

Non-real-time AI video analytics service

There are many industries, such as traffic research consultants, who often need to take videos on designated roads, and then hire additional manpower to conduct visual counts, such as traffic flow, vehicle types, etc., and then make inefficient records, which are unproductive, unreliable and costly. ​


SOCIF provides non-real-time AI video analytics services for these industries. Customers only need to provide the video they have taken. Our AI central processing system can instantly convert the video for you and help you obtain the information you need by applying different AI modules. 

Program features:

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Passenger flow, traffic flow, vehicle type detection

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Specific object detection

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Only need to provide the recorded video

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