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Join hands with you to grasp the business opportunities of smart travel
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System Integrator

Partnering mode:

  • Become a smart city project subcontractor

  • Provide customized AI calculations for your products

  • Flexible system integration with your products and services

Partnerhsip case reference

SOCIF cooperates with telecom operators in Hong Kong

  • Provide bus company with a on-board people counting system

  • Provide real-time arrival forecast service for green minibuses

SOCIF partners with property management system providers

  • Provide customized AI algorithm services for its camera lenses and sensors, such as people counting, object recognition, etc.

IT Consultant


Partnering mode:

  • Become an IT project subcontractor

  • Provide strategic consulting and quotation services for smart city project proposals and related government funding applications

  • Refer customers to use your services and apply for government subsidies

Partnership case reference

SOCIF partners with local IT consultancies

  • Provide smart mobility technology services for corporate customers and apply for government funding for them

  • E.g. Technology Voucher Scheme, Public Sector Trial Scheme, Smart Transportation Fund, etc.

Hardware Vendor


Partnering mode:

  • Purchase of your hardware products and accessories

  • Provide value-added AI services for your hardware products

  • Referral of existing business partners to use your hardware services

Partnership case reference

SOCIF partners with different IoT sensor suppliers

  • Including cameras, lidars, time-of-flight distance sensors, etc.

  • With our AI algorithm, we can provide business value-added services for our partners' existing customers


Cooperate with AI chip and edge computing hardware manufacturers

  • Customize and synthesize AI products suitable for different smart city projects


Dealers & Distributors

Partnering mode:

  • White-label

  • Commission

  • Free trial programs are available for your customers and support a certain level of customization

Partnership case reference

SOCIF partners with international electronic payment system providers

  • Provided remote real-time arrival forecast and bus management solutions for its foreign bus company customers to consolidate its existing customer base

SOCIF partners with IT service distributors

  • To sell and look for local smart mobility business opportunities for us, and make a share of each related project

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