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Bringing cities closer to smart travel
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Ride Easy
Easy Transit​


Develop B2C traffic mobile application

Bringing better smart travel experience to passengers/public with technology

Using publicly available government data to provide passengers with comprehensive ride guidance


Real-time arrival forecast for buses, green minibuses, MTR, ferries and trams

"Building a Route for All" to design a new route for passengers by collecting passengers' travel needs

Passenger communication platform (allowing passengers to provide real-time information)

Hitchhiking Easy mobile web app

  • A real-time traffic information app platform for about 100,000 passenger users

  • Provide real-time arrival time forecasts of green minibuses, buses, MTR, ferries, trams and other means of transportation, fundraising platform for passenger spontaneous traffic routes, real-time discussion areas, and real-time traffic information

  • A new function for the red minibus industry will be launched soon - online passenger reservation service / online red van, aiming to increase the industry's pickup rate and increase revenue

  • Through technology, it can help you reduce your daily workload, collect passenger data on your own routes, and meet various new passenger travel needs

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