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MTR IT Carnival

Smart Mobility Solution

17 March 2023

ETA & PCS Solution

High-accuracy ETA service for MTR bus

  • Use existing GPS signal

  • Increase ETA signal accuracy

  • Provide more user-friendly UI

  • Cost-effective

Station & train compartment PCS

  • Empower AI for passenger detection

  • Real-time data for passengers & management

  • PCS user web app for passengers

  • Real-time data on management dashboard & station screens

ParkIsland UI_edited.jpg
kendall-henderson-3kooRil4Z1E-unsplash (1).jpg

Case Reference

SOCIF partners with HKT and Octopus Hong Kong to provide real-time arrival forecasting system for green minibuses in Hong Kong

green minibus
minibus operator
1.5 million
Green minibus passengers

Smart Retail AI

Copy of edge.png
  • People counting, detection, profiling

  • Crowd management

NPU Edge-base AI 

  • cost-effective

  • Lower 80% of the cost

  • AI Model Accuracy: > 95%

  • Mature People Counting Deep Learning Model

  • Support multiple AI models 

  • Wide application scenarios  

AI App 

  • Make use of the mobile device for real time people detection


  • Customized AI model development

  • Enables real-time object and people detection

  • Provides real-time alerts, data reporting and analysis

  • Customizable service, suitable for different types of business

  • More AI potential for other applications 

Vehicle Marshaling 

  • For transport & logistics vehicle 

  • Vehicle coordination

  • Queuing system development for vehicle

  • Adopt geo-fencing technology for vehicle check-in

Provision of total solution

  • hardware devices

  • software app

  • management dashboard)

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 5.11.31 PM.png
Thursday, 16 Mar 2023 17_18_47.PNG
Thursday, 16 Mar 2023 17_19_08.PNG


  • For MTR bus

  • Utilise MTR point for free MTR bus ticket

  • Provide QR code for passengers as ticket  

EasyTransit App
Mobility-on-demand & vehicle booking

  • White-labeled platform

  • Platform for MTR bus pooling, booking & payment

  • Platform for car booking for internal staff

EasyTransit Product Photo.png
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